Developed for Utilities by Utilities People

Streetworks Software Limited (SWS) is a UK company based in Cambridgeshire. SWS enables innovation, improvement and transformation in street works and utilities operations through our products and support services.

SwIMS (Streetworks Information Management System) is the intelligent solution for utility companies, main contractors and sub-contractors looking for a comprehensive works management system. SWS builds on the success of SwIMS which was developed for utility contractors by SWS co-founder Jon Hunt. SwIMS has a successful track record within the sector over the course of the past 10 years as a works management solution.

SWS continues to promote and develop the capabilities of SwIMS and other associated products. SWS also offer a range of complimentary support services and the SWS team includes managerial, technical and industry specific expertise. We have a wide range of skills and experience alongside our IT professionals, including utilities contract management, organisational improvement and change management. Our senior team has a wealth of business management, industry specific operational management and technical development experience.

SWS Team

Street Works Software Team Robert

Robert Marsden

Managing Director

co-founder of SWS with over 30 years of business and commercial experience. Initially consulting to assist small firms with management information and advice whilst specialising in restructuring opportunities via acquisition for capital growth. Co-founder of utility reinstatement business with contracting partners in South London where initial development of resource allocation system was achieved to transform controls & improve productivity enabling successful trade sale. In recent years taken on proprietor/managing director roles with responsibility for accounting & management systems and delivery of performance parameters for management & audit purposes. Interests in varying UK and foreign commercial & business activities both construction sector and property related

Street Works Software Team Jon

Jon Hunt

Technical Director

is the creator of SwIMS and co-founder of SWS. With a degree in Computer Science, and over a 20 year career in software development, he has created numerous innovative software applications to service sectors as diverse as Manufacturing, Construction, Traffic Management, Insurance, Precious Metals, Facilities Management, Professional Motorsport and Utilities. Over the last 12 years in the Utilities sector he has driven transformative change for SwIMS clients with a relentless focus on innovation and continuous improvement of both the product and clients processes

Street Works Software Team Tony

Tony Penfold

Key Accounts Manager

has over 32 years experience across the utilities contracting sector, starting an Asphalter, moving onto supervision with management roles covering Planning and Scheduling, Streetworks and Reinstatement. An experienced supervisor, Tony has a wealth of experience in respect of managing site based teams and performance improvement as well as managing relationships across the utility sector. Tony has worked with the SwIMS for over 10 years on the front line, helping design functionality to fit reinstatement and streetworks operations and ensure SwIMS as a market leading product. He holds a number of industry specific qualifications including National Water Hygiene, Streetworks and ISOH Managing Safely for Managers. Tony joined SWS in 2016 bringing with him a wealth of industry experience

Mel Smith

Client Services Lead

has over 5 years’ experience within the utility industry, including planning, scheduling, reinstatement, fleet management, operational support, stock control, systems and processes and payroll admin. Mel manages the SWS client support helpdesk working with the SWS Technical Team and SWS clients. She started her utilities career in the scheduling department for Cappagh Browne in 2012, moving on to Fleet Manager and Commercial Business Administration. Following a TUPE transfer to J Murphy and Sons she led the implementation training for the SwIMS system. Mel joined SWS Ltd in 2015 and is now using her front line operations skills and experience within the Streetworks Software environment.

Kris Clark

Senior Web App Developer

has over 20 years of commercial experience in computing, specialising in web application design & development. He has worked in various industry sectors including Education, Construction and the Global IT Industry for companies such as Travis Perkins and IBM UK. Extensive experience in a range of technologies and programming languages has helped him receive multiple industry awards for projects he has worked on. Now with SWS, Kris is the Senior Application Developer and is working on a host of new and improved features for the SwIMS product.