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SwIMS is an intuitive and easy to use system that enables all jobs and associated tasks to be effectively and efficiently managed from start to end. It can manage multiple contracts, different works streams, planned works and emergency works.

Tasks can be managed intelligently, improving the management of resources and time taken to complete works.

Teams are to benefit from real time updates, improving communication and providing full job data including photos, geotags and key job history.
Real time updates enable a faster and more efficient workflow at all stages of a job.

SwIMS also includes specific auditing tools for in progress and post job checks – ensuring quality and compliance.

Full job history data is captured throughout the works management process, enabling better management of liabilities and valuable reports for ongoing assessment of productivity and performance, budgeting and planning.

We have created a intuitive system with bespoke modules designed for your street works and utilities contract needs.

How SwIMS Works

SwIMS is defined by its core system tools and functions which represent key roles and responsibilities within the utilities industry for works management. The four main tools are Planning, Scheduling, Job Management and Reporting and these include a wide range of functions. The SwIMS core system can operate with or without the SwIMS Mobile Application which is available as a module, along with other additional modules that can be licensed to provide additional system capabilities. A summary of the tools and modules is provided. More detail is available in our product brochure which can be downloaded.

Software as a Service - flexible license options

SwIMS and Streetworks Skillbase (if licensed as a standalone application) are available as Software as a Service with flexible licensing and hosting packages available. Costs will vary based on individual system requirements and size.

SwIMS provides a scalable solution enabling costs to be managed as workloads fluctuate. Volume discounts are also available for larger contractors. Costs are based on the number of gangs/users and these can range from a handful to thousands with a wide variety of configurations available depending on contracts and work streams managed.

SwIMS is an ASP.NET application with a SQL Server database backend compatible with all modern mainstream browsers. SwIMS Mobile requires Android 5.0/iOS 5 or later on smartphones or tablets.

Street works planning software

The planning tools include a range of functions to improve forward planning. These help our clients maximise productivity and minimise risks and liabilities.

From first receipt of job data, our software starts to capture and organise information. Using initial client data feeds to identify specific tasks associated with a job and categorises them, providing an indispensable set of tools for the planners and schedulers to use.

Street works planning software

Street works scheduling software

The scheduling tools are designed to sequentially manage every aspect of a job from initial task allocation through to completion.

If clients are also using the SwIMS Mobile App then task statuses are automatically updated. The software will automatically create the right sequence of tasks based on information such as road class, surface and dimensions.

As the software is highly configurable to cover a range of different contracts; schedulers can access and manage all work streams and can allocate tasks from their scheduling screen. It is easy to see all tasks available for allocated and also the status of those already allocated. Each task includes icons and colour codes to help prioritise and manage risk, monitoring task completion throughout the day.

Street works scheduling software

Street works job management software

The job management tools encompass job information, ownership, importing and execution of works and alerts. To ensure that the system works best for our clients work flow, there are customisable data fields and sources as well as inbuilt tools and functions.

As well as the many functions relating to jobs in progress, our SwIMS Management Interface module assists in monitoring productivity and profitability of completed work, liabilities, stock usage, identification and allocation of accountability for penalties and fines.

Street Works Reporting Software

SwIMS reporting tools and dashboards make it easy to access and use the comprehensive job data captured through the full works management process. Track work in progress (across all contracts, jobs and associated tasks), check productivity and compliance of operatives, identify risks including exposure to liabilities and fines, assess cost to value and undertake trend analysis.

SwIMS has a suite of generic reports, and additional reports can be tailored to client requirements based on the databases available. Performance dashboards are also configurable.

With SwIMS, you can quickly access the data they need to identify key issues and trends for your business. Present figures to staff, managers and decision makers. Data can be utilised to underpin recommendations and take action. Real time data via SwIMS Mobile App enables early intervention, reducing risks and improving quality.

Additional custom reporting and analytics are available via the SwIMS Management Interface module.

SwIMS Mobile – enables live updates via photo capture and data transfers, enhancing job management.

SHEQ – adds further capabilities into SwIMS Mobile, strengthening compliance.

Skillbase – helps manage and monitor personnel skills and qualifications, ensuring compliance with industry requirements.

SwIMS Management Interface – enables development of custom reports and analytics with the support of the Streetworks Software team.

SwIMS Modules